Over time, this 75-year-old resort had become viewed solely as a quiet retreat for southern California golfers. Guests were aging, occupancy was declining and the length-of-stay and per guest spending were dropping. The resort decided to invest in improvements, including a new, 31,000-square-foot spa.

Marketing Challenge

1) Sell a little known resort, 2) Introduce its new spa as a premier destination and 3) Reposition the property's brand.

Consumer Insight

Initiating new qualitative consumer research, we learned that a more profitable target, including younger, previously uninitiated guests sought much more than simple, passive pursuits. They craved stimulation alongside restoration. A haven, a true escape.

Cox Communication Strategy

To revive business and to compete with newer resort options within the 90-minute drive of their Los Angeles key feeder market, we leveraged the resort's unique and idyllic location. Marketing messages were honed to focus on the restorative effects of its natural beauty and environment, while convincing younger luxury travelers they would find an approachable sophistication within this Five-Diamond resort. The new brand positioning centered around relaxation and rejuvenation both in the new spa and all activities Ojai Valley Inn & Spa offered: a premier destination redefined as a restorative, genuine escape.

Brand Positioning

Where you feel completely relaxed and nurtured.