KSL had built an impressive portfolio of major American resorts, many of which were icons of luxury—and destinations unto themselves. However, the KSL brand itself was unknown to consumers and little known outside of select circles in the hospitality industry.

Marketing Challenge

Conceive of a means for increasing awareness of the KSL portfolio and building equity in the parent brand without loosing the unique quality of each property in the portfolio. Migrate equity from the higher valued classic American resorts to the lesser-known properties within the collection.

Consumer Insight

We discovered that knowledgeable travelers in particular, wanted experiences from their vacation and business travel that they could depend on for providing consistency. At the same time, they anticipated uniqueness and memorability in the individual resorts they visited.

Cox Communication Strategy

A brand management strategy was conceived that considered the impact of communications at both the corporate level and within each individual property. We arrived upon the umbrella idea of a "collection" to emphasize both selectivity and belonging inside the parent brand.

Corporate messaging guidelines, covering over 12 diverse resorts, were then designed and produced by the Cox Concept team. These guidelines were organized in comprehensive and clearly articulated manuals to be used by each property and its many vendors. Examples of advertising, collateral, direct mail, point-of-sale and online promotions—every level of communication—were provided, and most importantly, welcomed.

Brand Positioning

A unique collection of memorable golf, spa and ski resorts.