David H. Murdock, owner of Four Seasons Westlake Village (and Dole Foods Company) had an innovative concept for his new luxury hotel: an onsite facility with proactive, educational programs to improve the health and well-being of both individuals and corporate employees. This facility, The California Health & Longevity (CHLI), was created in partnership with WellPoint, the largest health benefits company, and Andrew Conrad, Phd, a renowned geneticist.

Marketing Challenge

The challenge was multi-faceted: 1) Articulate this new concept, CHLI, when an obvious frame of reference did not exist, 2) Achieve a clearer understanding of the Institute's brand relationship within the hotel; and 3) Connect these diverse brand elements; each with different revenue streams and business models.

Consumer Insight

Jim led this new team to discover what essentially was a new consumer: individuals seeking experiences tailored specifically to nurturing their mind, body and spirit that would also reflect their individual identity. As "progressive experience seekers," they were identified as our prime target.

Cox Communication Strategy

Brand workshops with the Four Seasons, WellPoint and Medical teams were organized by Jim to further profile this distinct target audience and define a brand strategy. It was the first time all parties had collaborated to move from a corporate-centric to a consumer-centric mindset. A common lexicon was created and an internal brand stewardship team established. The positioning statement coming out of this work not only made certain that relevant communications addressed the target, but that future marketing and operational decisions were informed, and consistently followed a successful path.

Brand Positioning

CHLI is an individualized health and wellness experience that inspires a lifelong transformation of mind, body and spirit, to fully realize potential in life and the common good of the corporation.